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The Quarter Management System 2.0

The newly developed QMS-2.0 Module  will be made operational from Dec 15


Bhubaneswar, Shri Naveen Patnaik, Hon’ble Chief Minister Odisha launched the Quarter Management System 2.0 on Wednessday, the 6th December 2023 at the Convention Center of the Lokaseva Bhawan. The Hon’ble CM has expressed his pleasure while inaugurating the QMS 2.0, which is designed to enhance employee satisfaction.

In adherence to the 5T principles of the Government, the e-Quarters Application has been suitably enhanced to Quarter Management System –2.0 (QMS 2.0) on HRMS platform for online management and allotment of GA Pool Quarters  covering Type-I to Type-VI categories in Bhubaneswar and Cuttack. The new application will cover all activities related to quarter management starting from application, allotment, vacation and issuance of NOC/NDC in the online platform in a hassle-free manner. The newly developed QMS-2.0 Module by CMGI under GA & PG Department will be made operational from 15.12.2023 in the HRMS platform as well as in the URL: https://qms.hrmsodisha.gov.in/

QMS 2.0  is designed with an objective to abolish the physical presence of Government Employee in the Facilation Center of the GA Estate for applying for a quarter. And it ensure the collection of the No Dues Certificate completely electronically.

Earlier the Government Employee had to personally visit the GA Facilitation Center physically,  to apply for a quarter or go through a time consuming manual process of acquiring a No Dues Certificate while surrendering the quarter. With QMS 2.0, the GA & PG Department have revolutionized this process to ensure a hassle-free experience for all government employees. QMS 2.0 platform allows the Government Employee to conveniently apply for a quarter online, eliminating the need for multiple visits and long waiting times at the office.

The accounts to apply for quarters of all eligible regular Government Employees, drawing salaries through different Treasuries located at Bhubaneswar &Cuttack will be auto activated. No hardcopy would be required for application for GA Pool Quarters in Bhubaneswar & Cuttack. The new application would be implemented with changes in business process for making the process easy, reduce time and to transit to faceless quarter management. The QMS-2.0 application can be accessed by Government employees both in HRMS platform (URL: https://apps.hrmsodisha.gov.in/) as well as in the URL: https://qms.hrmsodisha.gov.in/using the existing HRMS credentials of the Government employees. Non-HRMS users can have access QMS-2.0 only through URL: https://qms.hrmsodisha.gov.in/ and they will have to make one-time registration for accessing to the system. All Government employees drawing their salary through the treasury located at Bhubaneswar and Cuttack are eligible to exercise their choice in QMS 2.0 which will be made available from 1st to 9th of every month. In other words, the list of vacant quarters available for allotment as well as the waiting list will remain frozen during the period from 1st to 9th of the month. With QMS 2.0, Government aims to enhance the overall experience of the government employees by simplifying processes that were once time-consuming and cumbersome. A letter has been issued by the Government in GA&PG Department, Odisha vide letter no 35888 dt. 6.12.2023 to all departments of Government, all heads of departments and all Government Offices  located at Bhubaneswar and Cuttck for information of Government employees.

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